A Flicker of Hope

The young mom closed the door of her minivan as her two kids tumbled out. Her exasperated look said it all as they ran screaming off into the yard to play on the swings.  As we unloaded her bags and carried them into the bunkhouse, we talked.  She was overwhelmed with the care that her daughter was requiring and the struggles with defiance that she was facing each day.  Her husband had been out of work for over two years and her young son, who was diagnosed with epilepsy, was getting worse. The medical bills were mounting and there was no hope in sight.  She had come to Wild Horse Hope for a break, a respite, a glimpse of God in the chaos.  She had come because her daughter loves horses and she had heard that maybe some time in the saddle would be good for her son. Her eyes were without hope or peace.
How have you seen God today?” At the end of a long day, this question is posed as we sit around the campfire with a cup of hot cocoa.
“I saw God when He took away my fear of trotting.” “I saw God in the new lambs!” “I saw God in the breath of my horse and heard His voice on the wind.”  “I saw God in the trust of a wild mustang for a new person.”  “I saw God in the healing of the abused horses.” “I see God in Me!”
 These are the ways that those who begin to see God in the surroundings here. The silence of God in the chaos of life can make one feel that hope is dying. When you can see God in your surroundings and hear His breath on the wind, Hope begins anew.

As the young mom loaded her kids into the van for the ride home, she paused with us to pray. Her prayer of thanks for the respite and peace in the midst of her struggles brought tears to our eyes. In her calm smile and straightened shoulders and in her eyes we saw renewed Hope. In her short visit to Wild Horse Hope, God brought healing to her heart and she could carry on for one more day. 

Through Wild Horse Hope Ministries, God has called us to rekindle Hope through His creation.  When a broken person meets a horse who was broken and is now healed, we see the dim flicker of Hope’s dying light burst back into a living flame. God truly cares!

Many struggle with the burdens of daily life. We want to offer them renewed Hope, and we need your help.  Just as the deadness of winter is transformed into new life in the spring, you can be part of transforming people’s live through the gift of Hope. Your gift will not only allow children and families to hear the message of Hope but to experience it first hand!  Your monthly support allows a child or family to come to Wild Horse Hope cost free.

What a joy and privilege it is to witness God’s miraculous rebirth of Hope in individual lives!






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