The searing pain in my hand left me contemplating what just happened. 

 I looked down to watch the red tissue of my palm swell in several blisters.  

I had been leading my horse out of the arena after a good ride when something happened.

 I still don’t know what caused him to spook the way he did, but evidently it was something terrifying for him.

I wasn’t watching him as he followed me, but when I felt the rope pull tight in my hand, my first reaction was to hang on tighter. 

If my brain had been functioning logically, it would have registered that on the other end of that rope was my 1500 lb friend, Thunder, and that I was not going to hold him no matter how tight I clamped down on the rope.Scott and Thunder

Therefore…  the blisters.  The rope had slid through my hand so fast that I had no time to let go once my initial reaction took over.

As I looked at my injury, it made me realize that I had a lesson to learn.  My hands were not trained to open and let go fast enough. 

This is something I needed to remedy. 

Over the rest of the day, I thought about my reaction, and I realized that I have done that with God over and over.  I have hung onto things so hard, that God has been taking from my life, that I have ended up scarred.  It’s my own fault.  If I am willing to hold loosely and let go quickly, my life is much more pleasant. 

I have now learned to open my hand fast when that rope begins to pull.  Yes, it took a few more times of watching the skin on my hands change color and cursing my stupidity, but now I know. 

I am still working on that spiritual lesson. 

It’s hard not to hold on tight to things that I think are important.  But that’s just it. 

What I “think” is important may not be what “is”.

Lord, you give and take away…blessed be Your name.

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