Sometimes it’s simple…..

I listened to his story.

The anger came out as he told me about his tractor. He depended on it. He used it to farm his small acreage and couldn’t harvest without it.

And it was sitting by the side of the road, completely gutted by fire.

Some electrical problem had caused enough heat to catch the engine on fire.  The fire had spread and the tractor was now a total loss.

“Was it insured?” someone asked.

“It was,” he answered . But this knowledge did not dampen the fire of anger that now burned in him.

This was not my first conversation with Bill.

We had numerous others in which he had told me of his past and the bitterness he held for Christians and their “flippant attitudes” toward life.

He had expressed frustration with people who had told him that God was trying to send him a message.

He searched for hidden meanings in difficulties and was all the more sullen when he didn’t see an answer.

He had come to the conclusion that he couldn’t see God. God was too complicated for his simple understanding, so he stopped looking.

He trudged through life beaten down.

This was the final straw.

He finished his account of the fire, and his hopelessness in being able to get a crop in.

The conversation turned from a story to a search.

“Who had a tractor he could use? Would insurance pay for his? Would it be in time to harvest?”

These were the varying questions that ran through his mind and out his mouth.

As he struggled for answers, he got more and more agitated.

Finally he looked at me and with sarcasm laced in his voice, he burst out,

“What was God trying to tell me, huh?  I’m sure there is a hidden meaning in my tractor somewhere. What does He want?”

What does God want?

The Almighty God that made the heaven and earth.

What does He want from a farmer with a broken down tractor?

The wisdom of God came out of my mouth before I had time to think.

“Well, I don’t think He wants you to use that tractor for a while.”

The wrinkles in his creased forehead slowly melted as comprehension of the simplicity of the answer hit him, and he chuckled.  

“I think you’re right, He doesn’t want me to use that tractor for a while….”

God allowed him to see the answer, not as another flippant reply, but as an honest reality. 

He wasn’t going to use that tractor for a while, but it was going to be all right.  A friend would help him out, harvest would come in, the tractor would be repaired, and life would go on. 

For a moment, he saw God for who He is……

For He is not someone I will ever understand, and the more I try, the more frustrated I become.

But He is able to meet me where I am.

I am simple.

He can be simple for me.

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