Riding in January

In past years, our winter weather has made riding impossible……








Neither horse nor human has any desire to be out in this kind of environment….

This year, we have had the blessing of dry weather and above average temperature days……

When our temps hit 70 degrees a few days ago, our itch to ride overcome our need to finish projects…..

Together with the 10 yr old little boy who comes to our house every day after school, the kids and I gathered in the horses…..










Fat horses groaned in their winter complacency as we approached with our halters, but faithfully lowered their heads and complied with our request….

Little hands brushed out thick winter coats until they gleamed…..








The two younger ones still need assistance lifting the heavy saddles onto the horses backs, but the oldest is an old hand at this and can do it by herself…

They have all learned to do the straps and buckles on the saddles on their own now and are very proud of their accomplishment!








When we teach anyone, but especially children, how to handle the horses and care for them, our goal is safe independence–

We only do for them what they cannot physically do for themselves-










It’s always amazing to me how something even as little as leading their own horse to the arena, can make the chest swell and the head be held high!









We rode for almost two hours that day in the warm afternoon sun….







The peace of the prairie caused even the kids to fall silent…. listening to the clip-clop of the horses hooves in the arena dirt and the cry of a distant hawk….







God’s creation surrounding them, they rode in silence for quiet a while, but as the shadows lengthened, and horse and kid stomachs began to rumble, it was time to call it a day….








Our 10 yr old friend summed it up as we packed away the tack and turned out the horses….

“That was fun….”

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