The Amazing Ranch Race

“My favorite part was putting underwear on the pigs!”

Fourteen teenagers piled out of two white vans into the hot summer sun.  Laughing, joking and high fiving, they lined up to see what was in store for them during their day at the Ranch…

Divided into teams, each member adorned with a bandanna in their team color, the Race began!

First stop, the chicken coop!  The rooster crowed in dismay at the intruders that barreled into his quiet domain, as little brown hens, their legs decorated with a specific team color, clucked and scattered away from grasping hands. Triumphantly holding aloft their team hen, the next task was to uncover their team color egg hidden in the enormous pile of straw in the corner of the coop. Task completed! Stopwatch stopped!

“My favorite part was catching the chickens!”

Next stop, the pigpen!  Five little piggies ran wee, wee, wee all the way home as each team scraped and scrambled in the mud to catch slippery little legs.  Tighty whitey underwear successfully placed on the hiney of their team piggy. Task completed! Stopwatch stopped!

“My favorite part was roping the calves!”

On to the barn, where Bonnie the cow stood patiently in her stall, as five pairs of hands milked different udder teats into a specially marked cup.  Success! Warm milk presented to the event inspector, task completed, stopwatch stopped!

A quick lesson on cowboy rope handling, and the team was off into the calf pen.  Teams realized the value of teamwork, and four members cut one calf from the herd, while the remaining member twirled his loop and dropped it over the calf’s head.  Then desperately chasing the irritated calf, dragging their “cowboy” around the pen, their team color ribbon and bow was placed around the calf’s neck.  Task completed!  Stopwatch stopped!

  Back to the barn, a quick saddling demonstration, then teamwork to repeat the tasks on the next waiting horse.  Off to the arena, each team member leading their partner around the circle, the clip clop of horse’s hooves following in the footprints of tennis shoes, smiles wreathed on faces tucked under bright green riding helmets.  Task completed! Stopwatch stopped!

My favorite part was riding the horses!”

“My favorite part was winning the Race!”

Sharing stories of the Race, comparing pictures on digital camera’s, fried chicken and watermelon on the table, fresh homemade ice cream for dessert.   Winning team announced! Candy bar prizes distributed!

Off to multiple games of Capture the Flag and more horsebackriding in the Arena.

Fourteen teenagers piled into two white vans in the hot summer sun.  Another day at the Ranch was done!

*Stay tuned for part two of the Amazing Ranch Race- Breaking Free…


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