She stood in the paneled stall as the roar of the auction swirled around her.
Well built and healthy, she wasn’t here because of lack of funds or resources for care.

She was here because she couldn’t perform.

A registered Missouri Foxtrotter, a breed known for their smooth movement (gait) and ease of riding, she was here because she couldn’t do it.  She couldn’t maintain the gait necessary for the show ring and success.
In the eyes of a world that measures usefulness by ribbons and trophies,
she was a failure.

God had another plan.

His purpose for her was to be the faithful bearer of giggling children.
To be the quiet soul that touches the fearful heart.
To be the muzzle at the fence seeking friendship and connection.
To find her success in fulfilling the plan of her Creator.

Her trust and giving heart know no limits.
The focus of a vicious physical attack by a disturbed neighbor nearly severed her hip muscle.
Despite over 50 stitches and a lengthy recovery, she is still one of the first to the fence to welcome any who seek a friend.

In the eyes of the world, she was a failure.

In the eyes of hundreds of children and adults alike,
she is exactly who God created her to be.

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