Summer Staff 2011

“One morning, I got up before everyone else. It was right after Winchester (one of the Ranch dogs) had her puppies and had to stay alone in the barn. So I took the time and brought her out to the big pasture with me for a walk. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The sun was rising, there was a light fog on the ground, and I could hear the horses gently huffing now and then. I had been at the ranch for three weeks or so and was terribly homesick. I rarely cry, but tears started rolling down my face nonetheless. I began to pray out loud, asking God why had He brought me out here? Why was I feeling so alone? Hadn’t He said He’d be with me always? I felt so alone in that big pasture.  I can’t even describe the way I felt as soon as those words came out of my mouth. Just as the sun was rising and illuminating the ranch, God was shining a light into my heart and mind, reminding me how much He loves me. I literally began to sob. I couldn’t stop the tears as I felt God’s love wash over me, around me, filling me with warmth and peace. Never in my life have I felt, before or since, God’s presence so strongly.”

-Victoria Todd (South Shore Christian Academy, Senior Internship)

“One of my favorite things to do at the Ranch is worship around the campfire. I feel God’s presence during worship with the groups. It makes me feel calm and relaxed.”

-Mady Snell (Summer Staff 2011, returning for Summer Staff 2012)

“I decided to follow God in His leading and directing my life how He sees it best. Life is so unpredictable in all aspects but, if you truly rely on God for everything, we don’t have to worry about the unpredictability of this life. We can rest assured knowing God is in control. Out at the ranch I have seen storms rip through and roofs get blown off the barn but we moved on strong. The staff at MTR showed their trust in God in knowing He had a plan for that storm and the roof to be blown off. Of course it wasn’t easy emotionally but deep down inside trusting in God is where you find strength. Life’s storms come and go but if we are anchored in God and completely trust in Him we will make it through. That victory has already been won!”
“The thing that I thought I would struggle with was being comfortable, fitting in and feeling a part of the team. Those struggles quickly came to a screeching halt. I felt like I was a part of their family! They included me into their family the minute I walked through the doors. The Gwin family, Sarah, and Mady were all so loving and caring. I loved it so much I didn’t want to go back home! I never was a way from home and felt so at home at the same time! Thank you to all the MTR staff for making this summer an amazing adventure filled with Gods great love!”

-Andrea Ehrat (Summer Staff 2011)

-Sarah Aydt (Summer Staff 2011, now serves as Executive Assistant)

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