Would you like to volunteer at Mercy Trails Ranch?

Mercy Trails is a ranch…but at its core it is a family.
We are simply a group of people who choose to serve God, love people, God’s creation, and each other, and to give our time to these passions.
Whether our “family members” are paid staff, volunteers, parents, visitors, children, or even horses and other farm animals, each one is significant and cherished. If you would like to come and join this family by becoming a Mercy Trails Ranch volunteer, there are several ways that you can get involved.

We ask each Volunteer to fill out and return a Volunteer application (please email mercymins@msn.com to request one).  Each Volunteer that returns an application will be asked to pay a minimal fee and complete a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.  Please contact us for assistance with this.

Summer Volunteer Staff (over 18)

Are you interested in spending a summer mentoring and connecting with kids and families experiencing crisis and trauma in their lives?  Do you love animals?  Do you enjoy out of the box experiences that will stretch and grow you?  Do you like the outdoors and seeing the beauty of God’s creation?  Do you want to make a difference in the lives of those you come across each day? Do you like to teach and learn? Do you enjoy having fun while working hard?  You may find that serving at Mercy Trails Ranch is a perfect fit for you!
(2 month minimum stay-room and board provided)

Junior Volunteer Program (ages 15-17)

Do you love horses and kids?  Do you want to make an impact on those around you?  Do you enjoy games, hay rides, horsebackrides across the prairie, farm animals, rodeo’s, campfires, new friends?  Do you desire to partner and serve with an older mentor to connect with hurting kids and adults?  Do you love learning new things and then sharing them with others?  You may find that serving at Mercy Trails Ranch is a perfect fit for you!
(3 week sessions- room and board provided)

Regular Volunteer Opportunities (ages 18-99)

There are multiple opportunities to serve at Mercy Trails Ranch on a daily basis.

Some areas where you may find your gifts are ideally suited:

Prayer Team: The power of God is manifested most clearly when His people come before Him in prayer and worship!  The people of the Ranch (staff, clients, volunteers) need this prayer covering as they go about their daily interactions. As the Ranch grows and reaches more people, prayer makes things happen! No matter your skills, would you consider joining in the Prayer Team?
Email mercymins@msn.com for specific prayer requests and updates.

Cook– Mercy Trails Ranch served over 1500 meals last summer! Openings are always available for those who love to share their culinary skills with others.  Whether it be a full Ranch BBQ, or simply afternoon snacks and lemonade, the kitchen is always open at the Ranch!

Mechanic– A Ranch needs many mechanical tools and vehicles to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.  Unfortunately, these mechanical tools and vehicles don’t always run smoothly and efficiently themselves! Do you have the gift of tinkering and fixing power driven assets?  The Shop is available- come on down!

Playpal– There is tremendous healing power in play! Do you have the gift of play, the drive to make others laugh, the joyful, silliness of the perpetual young at heart?  Everyone needs play and creativity is encouraged! Catching toads and racing them down the driveway, swinging on the swings, organizing a game of Capture the Flag, there is always time to play at the Ranch!

Bus Driver– Some kids and adults who desire to come to the Ranch have no way to get here.  A bus driver serves by transporting those in need.  Those with a good listening ear are encouraged to fill this role-often long car rides are filled with great heart to heart conversations!

Teacher– Teaches short, informal (10-20 min) sessions on subjects they have mastered themselves; cooking, gardening, mechanics, animal care and basic first aid, and other skills.  A core value of Mercy Trails Ranch is to teach and empower children and individuals to learn skills in life that will bring them confidence and success in many different areas.  Life is a classroom and those that succeed never stop learning!

Gardener– Even the Garden of Eden needed daily care, and the Ranch is no different!  Do you enjoy planting seeds, tending annuals, and caring for trees and shrubs?  Do plants seem to magically thrive in your presence?  Do you enjoy sharing with others the beauty of God’s creation and the life lessons that gardening can teach?  The Ranch has multiple vegetable gardens, whose harvest is utilized in the Ranch kitchen, as well as many trees, shrubs, flowers and lawn areas that could benefit from your green thumb.

Housekeeping– With over 500 guests last summer in 3 studio cabins, a bunkhouse, and main farm house, as well as the barns and tack room, the Ranch gets dirty! Do you have a gift for attention to detail and a desire to see things spic and span and in their proper place?  The Ranch needs you!

Professional Assistance
There are often projects at the Ranch that require a professional’s touch.  Below is a list of professional skills that could be immediately utilized at the Ranch.  However, if you notice that your particular profession is not listed and would like to offer your services, please contact us and we will let you know as needs become known.
-Finish/General Carpentry
-Publication/Web Design

Your Ideas
We have presented many ideas here, however, just like each of us is unique, you may have a unique idea or gift that you would like to offer the Ranch! Please feel free to contact us and together we will seek ways to partner your gifts with the needs of the Ranch.

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